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What to Look for in a Reliable Technician

Computer Repair Service
Published May 16, 2018

When your technology breaks down – or even if you are experiencing a slight issue that you need a little help and support with – you’re going to need to look for a technician and expert who can help you bring everything back online as soon as possible – and so that you can get […]

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Use an Approved Technician for Computer Repair

PC Motherboard Heatsink
Published April 19, 2018

While it may be tempting to try and undertake computer repair on your own if you are the sort of PC user who has a fair amount of knowledge about such things, there’s still a huge amount of risk involved. Tackling PC repair yourself can not only undo any benefits which your manufacturer warranty may […]

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Keep Your Tech for Longer with Repairs and Upgrades at Tech CPR

PC Repair
Published March 21, 2018

No one likes obsolete tech – unfortunately, the speed at which technology advances these days, it’s impossible not to find ourselves reaching for the next new PC, gadget or gizmo just after we’ve made a pretty sound investment that we hope would otherwise stand the test of time. The sad fact is, not everything lasts […]

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5 Benefits of Using a Local Repair Service

Published March 08, 2018

When it comes to making sure that your tech is fighting fit, you can do no better than get all your gadgetry and gizmos seen to and cared for by a local expert. While it may be tempting to approach national brands and firms for a quote or two on big products and services, you’ll […]

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What Tech to Expect in 2018

Phones, Tablets and Macbook
Published February 01, 2018

What Tech to Expect in 2018 2017 was a fantastic year for gadgets and gizmos, all things considered – it’s interesting to take a look back at the last twelve months just to see how far we’ve come.  While many people will have been invested in the iPhone X, Samsung really got themselves back into […]

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Why Refurbished Tech Can Be the Better Option for Christmas

Stack of Phones and Tablets
Published November 22, 2017

Technology always has this habit of getting more and more advanced, year in, year out.  It often means that we’re left hankering for new versions of our existing tech, and such upgrades always seem to occur towards the end of the year – when, of course, Christmas is rolling around.  While new tech is great […]

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What to expect from the new iPhone 8

New iPhone
Published October 12, 2017

Anyone who knows more than a little about smartphones and modern technology will likely already be well aware that Apple have unveiled their new range of devices.  While the iPhone X has stolen all of the headlines as a new, premium version of the company’s much-loved handset which is shortly going to be looming on […]

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Common laptop screen problems

Published September 06, 2017

Laptops are, essentially, 50% screen – while it may be fairly simple to take a PC monitor in for repair – or to even diagnose a problem or two yourself – it’s a different story when it comes to a laptop or netbook.  These types of screen can be extremely sensitive to a number of […]

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Phone repairs: Is it a Hassle?

Phone repairs being done on a Samsung phone
Published July 25, 2017

Let’s face it – many of us live through our phones.  They really have become the centre of our lives – we communicate to each other, play games, listen to music and even watch movies through them.  They hold all of our important details and everything we need to navigate the world around us – […]

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Dropped your iPhone in water?

A Water Damaged iPhone awaiting repair
Published June 16, 2017

Is it the end for my phone? It’s every iPhone owner’s worst nightmare – dropping their cherished mobile into a glass of water, the bath, or, worse yet – the toilet.  Surely once it’s been dunked, it’s done – right?  Wrong – thankfully, there are a few ways you can bring your handset back from […]

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